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Updates from NGO MOLOTOK in Ukraine

Dear all, thank you for supporting Ukraine and I am sorry I am not writing more frequently on here. Life has dramatically changed for me, for my business, for my country and for all fellow Ukrainians back in February. My brave nation is fighting back their occupied territories for nearly 300 days, civilians are dying including children, Ukrainian refugees are still fleeing war torn country and I can't see the end of it. On a positive note, Ukrainians are not giving up! Spirits are high and we are going to bed every night to wake up next day that brings us nearer to our victory! We will win sooner or later, we will because the truth and freedom is with Ukraine.

Updates from small NGO organisation we support in Ukraine.

Since I last posted we have raised more money through Legacy of War Foundation for NGO MOLOTOK, that operates in Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine and keep raising through sales of our products(15% from every sale) and we have a range of fundraising products on our events, where 100% of sale goes to support this project. Please visit our event page for Christmas Markets near you.

NGO MOLOTOK have finished now using their hostel accommodation as a shelter and closed it for much needed maintenance before they start their new project. All refugees that were using shelter had moved to another rented accommodations either in the village or moved elsewhere. NGO is still supporting some families financially with money that we all have helped to raise. Future Plans of NGO MOLOTOK are to host few 1 week art projects that are aimed at young people 9 to 25 years old that live in Ukraine. Leaders will be internally displaced artists and designers that had to flee their homes and found themselves in the different part of the country and don't have any means of supporting themselves. those one week camps will provide children and artists with much needed art therapy. Also there will be ongoing weekly sessions in 4 nearby villages that will be lead by internally displaced artists with help of psychologists. It will be ongoing weekly classes for 6-12 months.

The leader of NGO Molotok Tetiana Bielousova have visited us in October and we together put a budget for proposed future work of NGO Molotok in guest house "Sargo Rigo" Please read the attached document below and please support the work that Tetiana is doing with young people in Transcarpathia during war.

Work of Sargo Rigo, and NGO "Molotok" November 2022 - June2023


Hi, we are currently finishing the repair work in the premises and starting to plan the work for the next 6 -12 months.

At the moment in our region and Ukraine in general there is a problem in the implementation and assimilation of internally displaced persons and artists in general. That is why we decided to start working with artists and teachers who have lost not only their jobs, but also the main motivation and with children who need quality out-of-school education and psychological assistance and support


Our plans are:


1.​Organization of systematic lessons in various types of art in 4 villages of Transcarpathia, Khust district.

Who conducts them?

Young leaders : 4 leaders from different artistic directions, mainly internally displaced people living in Khust district at the moment.

4 assistant trainers - local villagers, possibly teachers.

Involved young people, volunteers who are ready to help thetrainers.

For whom?

Students: children aged 7 to 18 years: internally displaced persons and local residents.

Goal: assimilation of internally displaced persons, art therapy.


Estimated budget for one month:

2.​Art camps for children and youth of Ukraine.

Trainers: various types of arts, media products, practicingpsychologists.

Target audience: children, young people aged 9 - 25 years, depending on the direction of the art camp, who are interested inthe development of artistic potential, living in Ukraine, have IDPs.

Goal: to comprehend their future, taking into account the traumatic experience of the past and uncertain reality, through the implementation of artistic ideas and communication in a friendly and understanding circle.



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