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Ukraine Update from Experience Ukraine

12 Days of war in Ukraine

Update about our fundraiser.

Dear customers and subscribers, I wrote my last blog entry on the night of 23rd of February 14 days ago appealing to support displaced children and young people that fled from war affected areas to the safety of Transcarpathia, that is situated in the south west of Ukraine.

Nobody predicted what happened next. I woke up in the morning on 24th of February to full scale war in my beautiful Ukraine. I could not believed the events that unfolded in the next few days. I still find it hard to understand how its all happened and happening in 21st century in front of our eyes and how powerless world is against Russia.

I am in owe of my country and its people! They stand strong against this invasion and fight! They are defending their country from one of the biggest army in the world with no help, singlehandedly. My nation believes in freedom and democracy and I hope Ukraine will survive and we all help rebuild this beautiful country and help people of Ukraine to get their life and communities back


During these awful 2 weeks we have managed to raise an incredible amount of money on our Justgiving page £66,703.00. All money raised are going to support work of Non Government organisation Molotok, that shelters families, children and young people from unsafe areas of Ukraine. They provide food, accommodation, activities and support to displaced children.

Thank you for your generous donations!

We have been sending our own money and money of private donors to volunteers to support them in Ukraine until money is released from fundraiser.

We have been working with Justgiving team on a safe solution how practically we can provide funds and support to the organisation and came to the conclusion that the safest way to move funds is to create a UK registered charity that supports work of Molotok. We are working on creating one as we speak. We know it is a long process and in the meantime some funds will be released to ensure emergency support of the work with displaced children considering urgency of the situation in Ukraine.

Here is a video from hostel Sargo Rigo in Nyzhnie Selyshe, where Tania and her team of volunteers trying to create new normal life routine for children and families, that are staying there.

Stand with Ukr

A lot of people are asking how can they help?

Here are few options that we think are great ways to Help Ukraine from afar.

You can donate directly to us or request bank details of NGO Molotok In Ukraine and donate directly to them. They are great team of people that are doing amazing work in the community for over 10 years.

You can donate to one of the bigger charities like Red Cross and Unicef, that have capacity to respond to humanitarian crises.

Also we set up a great initiative called #COOKFORUKRAINE. You can be a part of it too! A lot of food businesses and enthusiastic cooks joined it. They cook tasty Ukrainian meals all over the world and raise money for Ukraine. Check it out here!

You can donate goods like canned food and medicine. Look up on internet for nearest drop off point in your area. Ukrainian and polish communities are sending a lot of humanitarian aid to the polish borders for refugees and to people inside of Ukraine. Here is an example of our collection poster for Hereford, but I am sure there are similar initiatives up and down the country and oversees.


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