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Fundraiser for NGO Molotok!

Dear All, thank you for all your donations to NGO Molotok that operates as a shelter in Transcarpathia since 24.02.2022.

Since the day one we have opened a fund-raising page on just giving platform and raised an incredible amount of money.

Partly £20000 has been transferred to my personal account and I transferred all of the money to the volunteer and leader of organisation Tetiana Bielousova via Wise app. The rest of the money from Just giving platform were forwarded to our partner charity “Legacy of War Foundation” that is a registered charity in UK.  And they were sent to NGO Molotok directly from Legacy of War Foundation.


Since May all money that we are raising for NGO Molotok are going through Legacy of War Foundation that opened a separate channel for us. We are very thankful for accommodating our fundraising efforts in this way. They are doing this all free of charge.


From the first day and even a few days earlier, the NGO "Molotok" and their guest house "Sargo Rigo" opened their doors for displaced children and youth who were forced to flee from the war in Donbas.


So far from 24th of February to 1st of July NGO MOLOTOK has received 69 832.36 Euros. These money helped us so far from the beginning of war to shelter more than 60 People in the guest house Sargo Rigo that we converted into a shelter. We also converted a local nursery into a temporary shelter and we rented a few houses and did redecoration and put basic toilets and showers for refugees to use. We have spent them for food, accommodation, medical needs, sending other NGOs that were helping us to evacuate relatives. In total these costs have reached the sum of 30467 EUR. Detailed description of our expenditure so far is here (link to the doc with expenses)


Thanks to all the donations we have managed to buy a people carrier in Germany and transport it and register it in Ukraine for shelter use. We are planning to use it for future groups when life resumes as normal. This is how much we have spent to buy and register vehicle: 26581 EUR

We also have enough money to continue to support displaced families that decided to build their new life in Transcarpathia.

We are also planning to resume recreational holiday camps for displaced children from Donbas area during summer holidays and use guest house as a base for artists to create new artwork that brings world attention to war in Ukraine.

Also in our plans is to close the doors of the hostel for one month to do some essential overdue maintenance work. While the hostel is undergoing maintenance work, we will make sure we will be able to support displaced children and young people by providing activities in the community hall.

Thank you for all your support and donations! It's very much appreciated.

Here is a short animation made by our friends with the young people who were in the Sargo Rigo shelter:


Here is a short video about the departure from Luhansk region to Transcarpathia:


Here is a link to support our project


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