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Who are Experience Ukraine?

We are a young family living in Herefordshire, England, of both Ukrainian and English nationalities. Following our experiences of living, engaging and supporting community based projects (including green, eco and sustainable tourism) in remote rural areas of the Carpathian Mountains of the Ukraine, we decided to organise unique travel opportunities for groups and individuals that provide genuine and meaningful experiences always ensuring that local communities and projects are supported.

 At Experience Ukraine we always offer the most authentic, safe and socially responsible travel experiences. Our trips have been carefully designed by us. And each aspect is thought about and personally overseen.

We don’t use other travel companies to lead our tours. We only use local guides and local accommodation, so all money goes straight to local communities and tour contributes directly to the local economy and sustainability. 

Our tours offer a genuine insight and experience of the culture and nature of rural Ukraine. So much so that we have many customers who travel with us time and again.


experience ukraine

Our little growing family in Herefordshire

Our guide and all things Ukraine Tania_e

Experience Ukraine guide Tania

 About Us 

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