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 Small Group Tours 

We offer a range of trips to suit all ages and abilities, from exploring the beautiful mountains to decorating Pysanky Eggs. Ukraine is a very culturally rich and diverse part of the world with people practising ancient crafts and living in harmony with nature. To experience this type of living has life changing effects on a person and people come back to the busy lives and make positive changes to the lives.

At Experience Ukraine we always offer the most authentic, safe and socially responsible travel experiences. All of our trips have been designed by us. We don’t use other travel companies to lead our tours. We only use local guides and local accommodation, so all money goes straight to local communities and tour contributes directly to local economy & sustainability. We feel we offer the best way to experience culture and nature of rural Ukraine and that is why our customers come back to us time and again:


On your trip
  • On all of group tours our maximum size is 10, giving you better opportunities to interact with locals and minimising your impact.

  • We use best and trusted local guides on all our group tours, ensuring your trip runs smoothly from start to finish.

  • We aim to use authentic and interesting accommodation – usually the best available – as we believe the right accommodation can boost the overall experience.

  • We always offer our trips on an all-inclusive basis. We include drinking water and soft drinks; there is no hidden cost.

  • We aim to use the most interesting, safe and comfortable transport available.

  • We also support number of projects in Nyzhnie Selyshche-village that we visit the most and give donations to all social projects that we visit on our tours.

We are currently updating this page with more information on the trips we run. In the meantime if you need to ask us anything related to the trips, please send us a message. 

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