Food Tour to Georgia

Dates (2.09.22 - 9.09.22) TOUR CANCELLED
8 Days  7 Nights
All Times approximate
Dates: 2nd - 9th September (SOLD OUT)
Cost: from £2300 pp - Fully inclusive, excluding flights to Georgia (single supplement £500)

Hello and welcome! Olia Hercules here, come and join me on an amazing trip to Georgia, where we will basically have a fun holiday together, cook and eat loads of delicious food and learn a bunch of foodie things. My slightly mad descriptions of what we will be doing are below….enjoy and join us!

Day 1 (2nd September)

We will meet in Georgia’s magnetic capital - Tbilisi! We will then drive to the even more magnetic Mtsheta - the original capital of Georgia and one of its most ancient cities. We will have gorgeous lunch there and will come back to Tbilisi for a walking tour around the city as well as a quick visit to National Museum of Georgia. We will finish our eventful day at the beautiful restaurant called Azarpesha - with its antique Georgian objects, special atmosphere, delicious food and wine. 

Day 2 (3rd September)

Signagi, and Pheasant Tears restaurant. We will have a tour around one of the best Georgian low-intervention vineyards and will have a meal at the restaurant where genius cook Gia Rokashvilli will prepare a very special feast for us and we will get to taste and buy some wine too if you like. We will then walk around beautiful Signagi. We will return to Tbilisi for some snooze time before our next exciting part of the journey. 

Day 3 (4th September)

We will take a train to Batumi. Have a quick stop to have a lunch at the sea side restaurant and take a private bus to our guest house in Mountain Ajaria. Welcoming dinner with traditional Georgian singing will wait for us at the guest house with the most beautiful views

Day 4 (5th September)

We will take a stroll around the village, enjoying more views and crisp, fresh air. We will witness tobacco harvesting and will enjoy a Georgian polyphonic singing workshop. In the afternoon we will do a khinkali and kurze dumpling workshop with Olia Hercules

Day 5 (6th September)

We will visit the mountain village of Tago using vintage cable car from little town Khulo, we will visit local family in the remote village that will cook us the most delicious lunch (matsoni soup with a lot of garlic, simple fried potatoes and amazing salad dip with beets and tkemali, after lunch we will take a walk around the village and we will have khachapuri making workshop back at the guest house. 


Day 6 (7th September)

We will visit high pastures of Ajaria, making suluguni cheese high up in the mountains, a breath-taking foraging walk (9 kilometers back from the pastures). We will then prepare our last meal together, using beautiful local ingredients. We will sing, dance and be merry before catching some much-needed sleep. 


Day 7 (8th September)

Departure to Batumi and some wild swimming on the way (woohoo!). We will stop at a 12th century Tamara bridge and waterfall on the way. We will then have lunch at local citrus orchard with a local family. Dinner at a restaurant in Batumi, tasting local dishes and wine. 


Day 8 (9th September)

A visit to the stunning Batumi botanical gardens which boasts some of the widest subtropical flora in the world! This will be followed by a fish market, where we will choose freshly caught fish and have a lunch right there, enjoying a calming sea view. Then it is the end of our tour, involving laughs, tears and life-changing decisions where we all dream to move to Georgia when we retire. 

I genuinely cannot wait to share this incredible experience with you all! 

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