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 transcarpathian adventure Tour

This trip is centred around the village of Nizhnie Selishche, and offers a wonderful slice of life in a remote farming village. The people here are deeply in touch with the land around them everyone farms the land they own; they grow and pickle their own vegetables, raise and slaughter their own livestock and churn their own butter.

You will enjoy the generous hospitality of the local families you will be staying with – the village has a truly commercial spirit despite being untouched by globalisation, and the residents are always delighted to have guests from abroad as they receive them so rarely.

The village itself is a wonderful place to wander, whether it be in its surrounding meadows, or through the market on market day.

There will also be day trips around the region, which is rich in interesting spots and secret gems. The landscape is a picturesque mix of rolling hills, vast plains and rugged mountains, all dotted with the splendid polished metal domes of Orthodox church spires.
Experienced local guides will be on hand throughout your stay to help ensure your holiday runs smoothly and is full of wonderful and unique experiences. 

We advise on the best flights to travel to Ukraine, and arrange for you to be met at the airport.

Once you arrive in the Ukraine our tours include the cost of:

  • accommodation

  • all transport 

  • all meals (including drinks with meals) 

  • entrance tickets and fees to museums and other attractions

Cost:....- Fully inclusive. Price based on 2 people sharing a room. Single supplement...
 (excluding flights to Ukraine)
We offer a 10% discount for returning customers

To book a place, or to find out more please email us: You can also pay a deposit using the online pay button which will secure your place on this amazing trip.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1
We will scoop you up at the train Station in Kyiv before we board and overnight sleeper train to Transcarpathia


​Day 2

On the way to the village of Nizhnie Selishche we will stop off for a picnic near the lake.
Once in the picturesque village of Nizhnie Selische you will have a delicious lunch prepared by locals.

After few hours of rest we will teach you how to make Ukrainian dumplings including varenyky and pelmeni.

Day 3
In the morning you can take time and explore the centre of the village, including the market and local cheese farm. The dairy produces cheeses of rare quality in small volume. There are in high demand among Europe’s most prestigious cheesemongers, so much so there is a yearlong waiting list. Here’s your chance to cut in line and buy cheese locally right at its source if you wish, after you sample some with a little wine in the aging room.

There are more culinary delights later, when you travel by horse and cart through the village and its meadows, up to visit the village herbalist. Try her gorgeous teas flavoured with the herbs she picks in meadows and hills, and the honey from her husband’s bees.


Day 4

After a picturesque stroll through the hills we will stop for lunch cooked over an open fire with local shepherds next to a volcanic lake.

Day 5
After a scenic train ride from a nearby town we stop in to Vynogradovo to sample delicious and complex local wines from ancient Austro-Hungarian vineyards along with a grand lunch in Hungarian style in a traditional feasting hall.

Day 6
We will visit local market in Khust .

Later in the afternoon we will have a craft workshop decorating eggs with hot beeswax using and ancient technique. and then we will be helping local chef to cook our last dinner.

As this is our last day in Nizhnie Selishche we will have a farewell party with traditional Ukrainian music, food and dancing with the Hudaki village band.

Day 7
We will say good bye to our hosts in Nyzhnie Selyshe and will take a minibus back to Lviv stopping for some delicious food on a way.

Welcoming dinner will wait for us in one of the best restaurants in Lviv.    

Day 8
On the final day we visit an Icon Museum in Lviv and have a lunch in beautiful cafe that specialising in local galician cuisine.
This is the end of our tour.

If you would like to book this trip, please pay a deposit of £400 by clicking on the Buy Now Button
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