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Money exchange in Ukraine.

Most of us are so used to travelling to European countries that use Euros we‘ve forgotten what its like to travel somewhere with its own unique currency. But part of the beauty of our unique, tailor made holidays is that you are travelling somewhere unlike anywhere else in Europe.

Ukraine has its own currency, the Hryvnia or UAH. The exchange rate is roughly 35UAH to the pound. You can check the latest exchange rate at the National Bank of Ukraine.

Many of our travelers are unsure what money to take with them and whether its best or order Ukrainian currency before they go.

The answer is no! The very best way to organise your holiday cash is either to take sterling with you and exchange it on arrival at the airport, or to use your bank cards to withdraw currency. This way you will get lots more Ukrainian currency for your pounds.

Changing money in Ukraine is very easy and as most of your expenses are covered on our trips – you only need a little for treats and any products you want to bring back home. We usually recommend that £1-200 is ample.

A word of caution though, Ukrainian Exchange Bureaus and banks will not exchange Scottish bank notes, the old ten-pound notes, or notes that are torn, marked with biro or otherwise defaced. So, make sure any UK bank notes you take to exchange are in pristine condition!

You will also need your passport with you as identification when exchanging money. A driver’s license won’t do.

As well as at the airport you can also use your bankcards to withdraw money at cashpoints all over the big cities.

But if you are travelling with us to the remote and beautiful Ukrainian countryside make sure you sort your Ukrainian money at the airport or in one of the city stops – as most of the rural places we travel to are so far off the tourist track that cards won’t be accepted. And that after all is the very reason most of you travel with us to explore the real Ukraine!

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