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Homes for refugees from Ukraine

Dear friends, thank you for all of the requests to house individuals and families fleeing Ukraine. I have been inundated for names of Ukrainians to speed up the application process via the government. I understand that everyone wants to submit their sponsorship form as early as possible. Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have a list of names of Ukrainians that want to seek shelter in the UK, in the future I will share as I receive. Below is a link to the websites that offers Ukrainian’s the opportunity to request a sponsor and UK citizens to offer their home. The websites are available in Ukrainian and English, once signed up Ukrainians will be able to communicate with you directly. Thanks once again to everyone that has reached out to me, it is greatly appreciated that you’re opening your homes but I do not have the capacity or ability to advise any further than this, at this time.

Here are useful links of charities that can help:

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards



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