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Work of the NGO 'Molotok' in the past 6 Months

Dear friends, thank you for your ongoing support and donations. Here is a few words from Tatiana Bielousova - the leader of NGO Molotok about work that has been happening at the project for the last 6 months.

In the past six months, our NGO "Molotok" has resumed its work with cultural and educational projects. The main relevant topic for Ukrainians at the moment is psychological rehabilitation for both children and adults. That's why the majority of events were focused on this.

Over the course of 6 months, NGO "Molotok" has spent 10,000 euros on repairs and preparation of the premises for hosting the following events.

December 2022 - June 2023

"Gifts from deers of St. Nicholas "

Together with a partner organization from Kharkiv called “Deers of St. Nicholas” we gathered children who had relocated to Nizhne Selyshche and nearby villages to bring them some joy during the winter holidays. Initially, the children gathered to write letters to St. Nicholas with their most cherished wishes, and in January, they received their desired presents at the organised christmas celebration at the Sargo Rigo guest house.

In May 2023 - were co organisers of trauma rehabilitation project for volunteers from Zakarpattia.

It was a seminar intended for various professionals - shelter workers, psychologists, social workers - who work with forcibly displaced individuals. Together with the project organisers - the NGO "Zakarpattia Medical Aid Committee," "Longo May," and the European Civil Forum - we provided comfortable premisses as well as food for all participants and safe space for communications. Among the invited trainers were renowned experts from Switzerland and France - psychotherapist Marulla Hauswirth and psychiatrist Fredérique Dorgoul, who shared their experience in dealing with traumatic events and loss.

In June 2023 we organised "Horitsvit" Children's Camp jointly with organisation BASE.UA. "Horitsvit" is a safe place where each participant can unleash their creative abilities and enjoy the enchanting nature of Zakarpattia. The camp program included four workshops: sculpture, painting, singing, and theatre. Camp participants engaged in group discussions, conversations, and exciting interactive sessions where they studied art and analysed social and political phenomen.

In addition to our work at the "Sargo Rigo" guesthouse, we continue to provide support, both psychological and financial to families from the Luhansk region. We assisted in organizing and preparing the end of school event and graduation ball for Kateryna Moroz and her grandmother. Other families have actively integrated into village life, but they still need friendly conversations, that we provide upon request with help of numerous volunteers from NGO Molotok.

We are very thankful for all your support and donations during hard times in Ukraine.

Please continue to support our work.

Your donations can be made through our partner UK Based Charity Legacy of War Foundation who sends 100% of your donations to our organisation and doesn’t take any percentage for admin. We are very grateful for creating this channel for us.

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