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Update from NGO MOLOTOK in Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Dear friends and customers, thank you for your generous donations to support to shelter children and young people in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. Since 24th of February I have received £34 640.57 from kind people of Universe to support this project. £20000 have been released from our JustGiving fundraiser. £42000 are still remaining on a Justgiving Platform and we still can’t access them, other £14640.57 we have raised collectively by organising fundraisers at our local school, pub, donations though selling our products at the markets, we sold bags and posters, a lot of artists donated their artworks! Everyone helped how they could! I will list all donations and donors on a separate page on my website with all evidence of transactions. I have been transferring money to the leader of NGO MOLOTOK since the day 1 of the war in Ukraine. And I have transferred in total £14080.87 to Tatiana Bielousova directly. And we have also just purchased a Mercedes Sprinter minibus for the needs of Volunteers and children. I have transferred £20000 to The Ceda and Olenica Foundation, that are based in Germany and are paying for the bus over there. Then it will be transported to Ukraine next week. I have £559.7 left over that will be sent via bank transfer on Monday.

To move forward with raising funds for day to day needs for NGO MOLOTOK, we have partnered with UK registered charity Legacy of War Foundation, that created a separate channel for us to raise money specifically for our project, so all money raised (100%)will go directly to support displaced children and young people.

Please keep supporting their work in these awful times in Ukraine. They are doing amazing job! Please help them to help people that are most in need! Please donate. Every pound counts.

Update from NGO MOLOTOK , Tania and team of volunteers.

We haven't written anything for a long time, because we are immersed in routine. On the one hand, it is good to get used to new realities, only one thing is frightening - new realities are the war in our country.

But really we are slowly systematizing the work in #SargoRigo. Schedules of shifts, cleaning and even walks. Various activities from animation and music to the carpentry skills. That's all there is to it and we'll show you.

But today we want to tell first of all the great news - finally we evacuated some parents and relatives of our children !!! So, they are a little calmer now and so are we! Thank you very much for organizing the evacuation to #VostokSOS and #StNicholasDeer, all with the financial support of donors for Nataliya Cummings from Experience Ukraine.

We also thank Bohdan and his girlfriend for sandwiches in Lviv and Vitaliy and Vasyl for the sleepless night of the transfer from Mukachevo.

Yes, we have probably never been so grateful - it also means that we are slowly coming to our senses! So, see you soon here!

Please donate to this project via link

All your help is very much appreciated.


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