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Ukraine matters

Hello dear friends and customers it has been 2 months since I have written a blog post. We have been busy fundraising for Ukraine, trying to help our friends and family over there and newly arrived Ukrainians over here. It seems it has taken up all our time. I am in a process of creating a separate page to give you full details about our fundraising efforts on this website as a respond to the war in Ukraine, but bare with me, there is only one of me and a lot of needs that I am trying to attend.

First of all, thank you for your support through this traumatic times for me, my family and fellow Ukrainians. I think we are experiencing a collective trauma as a nation, and every ukrainian no matter where they are caring it and living with it at the moment. Its very hard to go back to routine that was before the war how hard we try, we can't.

We are all tired physically and emotionally, very frustrated as war in Ukraine is no longer taking leading space in the international media, but the reality in Ukraine is getting worse by the day.

There are few things you can do to help people of Ukraine now.

Please donate to small charities and organisations on the ground, that are helping internally displaced Ukrainians with food , medical supply and accommodation. We personally support NGO Molotok that is looking after guest house Sargo Rigo, that volunteers turned into the shelter for young people and families from war effected areas.

Children and young people that were staying in the guest house created an animation about the war back in March.

I have spoken to the leading volunteer of organisation Tania and she said that the plans are to move children with their parents out of the shelter to rented houses in the village and in nearby villages in Transcarpathia, where they can start a new life. NGO thanks to your donations NGO will support them with food, rent fees, medical care and anything they need for the next few months until they will be able to start supporting themselves. Around 200 people are being supported by NGO Molotok currently.

Another way to help Ukrainians is to share news about the war that comes from reliable sources. Please don't stop talking about it, signing petitions and showing your solidarity with Ukraine. Our nation needs it!

And finally last but not the least, offer your house or room in the house to Ukrainians that are trying to flee the war, support them in your local community, talk to them, offer a helping hand. It all counts!

Stand with Ukraine! All will be Ukraine! And one day I will take you on holidays to my beloved country again!


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