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Herefordians partied like Ukrainians!

Thanks to all the lovely people that came to our annual fundraising event! This year we raised total of £1120.84! All funds raised are going to support Youth Theatre Festival in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. More information about youth theatre project and festival can be found in earlier entries of our blog.

Also thank you Geraint and Miranda for writing a little piece about our Ukrainian party in Hereford. I am sure you will enjoy the read below:

Traditional Ukrainian music filled the air and the whoops of the dancers rang out as their skills were toasted with the finest vodka. A little bit of Ukraine came to the Welsh Marches, courtesy of the Experience Ukraine team. We were treated to Cossack-style folk dancing, fiddles, accordions and drums, all of which helped us feel closer to the mountains of Transcarpathia than the banks of the river Wye in Hereford.

De Koffie Pot café bar was packed to the rafters with people of all ages, many sporting traditional Ukrainian costumes and flower wreaths in their hair. The crowd didn't need much persuasion to get on the dance floor and the festivities went on late into the night.

We were surrounded with Ukrainian artefacts, the finest traditional craftsmanship producing luxurious woven wool rugs, hand made clothing, cushion covers, throws, soaps and delicious home made herbal teas suffused with honey.

Such a wonderful evening and enough to whet the appetite for people who haven't visited the country and evoke lovely memories for those of us who have.

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