Traditional handmade wool throw, blanket, rug from Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine (LIZHNYK)Approximate size: 4x6.This item made from unprocessed, undyed sheep wool. It's been handwoven on a big wooden loom and then felted in the mountain river for 6 hours. Then it was sun dried . This rug is very hardwearing, as the process of making doesn't involve any chemicals. It has a lot of lanolin still in.It can be used as a fireplace rug, throw on a bed or sofa or as a wall hanging.Lizhnyk can be cleaned by washing it in cold or slightly warm water by hands or in the industrial washing machine. Design of this particular rug called HUTSUL EYE. HUTSULIA - is a name of the culture in the Carpathian Mountains. Estimated delivery: 2-4 weeks after payment has been received.

Traditional Wool Throw / Blanket / Rug made to order

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    We also have a beautiful selection of handmade products from the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine for sale.

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