Pysanky dates back to the pre-Christian era. 'Pysanky' comes from the ukrainian word 'to write' as the designs are not painted but written with bees wax. The designs/symbols had magical powers to ward off evil spirits, banish Winter, guarantee a good harvest and bring a person good luck. this beautiful ukrainian tradition will be an amazing Easter experience for your little ones.The workshop includes a gentle introduction into the Pysanky tradition.  Materials are not included but could be purchased from our online shop.
Workshop is 1 hour long. 10-11am on Saturday 20th of March.
You will need
1 egg decorating tool
few egg dyes, minimum 2. you can purchase them from my online shop or they can be purchased elswehere.
bees wax for melting or bees wax candle and any other candle, deyolked egg and strong white vinigar and you are ready to go. Please watch our workshop video in out Blog section.

Pysanky decorating workshop for children 7+, 20th of March

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