Pysanky Making Workshops

The traditional ‘wax-resist’ Ukrainian Easter Egg , March 17th, 5-6.30pm

with artist Helena Orlowski and Nataliya Cummings 


The traditional ‘wax-resist’ Ukrainian Easter Egg has long been decorated in celebration of spring, and with the arrival of Christianity, Ukrainians make their ‘egg art’ in celebration of Easter. Theirs is a  long tradition of ‘Pysanky’ making.

This a 1.5 hour long workshop, where you will be introduced to Pysanky making tradition, you will learn how batik on egg works and how to makr traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs. 


All Materials are  included, We will make sure the y will reach you in UK before the workshop.

Pysanky making kit will be sent to you.

Pysanky decorating kit consists of:

1. Pysanky decorating tool(kistka)(1)

2. 3  different dyes, that can be used for other eggs in future, you could colour with this dye up to 100 eggs, if you want too.(3)

3. Small pure bees wax candle.(1)

UK postage inluded in the price of workshop.

After receiving a kit you will need to have an egg (deyolked) and strong white vinigar and you are ready to go.

If you have any questions, please watch our Pysanky Workshop video in blog section of the website. It should answer all questions.

Price  £35 all inclusive. 

Pysanky decorating workshop for beginners over zoom, 17th of March 2021

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