Enjoy a gourmet Taste of Ukraine with award winning Chef Olia Hercules

Recognised by the Observer as a Rising Star in Food, Chef Olia Hercules will be cooking a traditional four course dinner designed to celebrate the unique and flavourful foods of Ukraine. This Taste of Ukraine evening is being organised in conjunction with specialist travel company Experience Ukraine in order to raise funds for the youth theatre project in Nizhnie Selishche in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. One of the last unspoilt areas of Europe, Ukraine has a rich cultural heritage of warm hospitality and food that is full of natural flavours and vibrant colours. On this special evening you will get to sample Ukrainian hospitality as you learn the Ukrainian art of vodka toasting, e

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Adventure holidays and travels in Eastern Europe - Ukraine (Transcarpathian Region) for culture hungry tourists, professionals, students, for individuals and groups. Traditional music, walking holidays, art, food, architecture, history, agriculture, crafts and so much more.


We also have a beautiful selection of handmade products from the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine for sale.

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