Tinsmiths visit to Carpathian Mountains with Experience Ukraine

Tinsmiths Ukranian Visit Posted by Phoebe Clive In a bid to make my lifestyle business provide me a lifestyle that takes me beyond the office I booked a ‘Textiles Tour’ of the Trans Carpathian region of Ukraine. I have long been fascinated by the culture and folk art of the people of the Carpathian Mountain region and when I saw that Nataliya (Experience Ukraine www.experienceukraine.co.uk) was running a textile based tour I saw my chance to find out more about this region. My visit was filled with wonder and delight, but I of course realise that the insight that I gained during a one week visit is limited. This posting is a record of my visit, with my own reflections on what I found to be

Customers review of our Food Tour with Olia Hercules

I was delighted when I received letter from Marion after our fantastic tour with Olia Hercules this June. We organized food based tour first time and to receive such a response was just overwhelming. Thank you Marion for those beautiful words and hope to see you soon. Dumplings workshop by Olia Hercules. Photo by Joe Woodhouse "I don’t want another week to go by without writing this note to say, thank you - dyakuyu- gracias! You surpassed my expectations and to say that we “Experienced Ukraine” almost seems like an understatement! :) Maybe your name should be, “Fall in Love With the Ukraine.” You, Tanya and your entire team did an amazing job, thank you. Olia is preparing lamb broth Tuzluk f

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Adventure holidays and travels in Eastern Europe - Ukraine (Transcarpathian Region) for culture hungry tourists, professionals, students, for individuals and groups. Traditional music, walking holidays, art, food, architecture, history, agriculture, crafts and so much more.


We also have a beautiful selection of handmade products from the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine for sale.

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