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By Geraint Jones. The drinking of toasts is not commonplace in Britain. We confine ourselves to the odd glass of bubbly at a wedding or birthday, maybe, but even then we tend to sip someone's good health or fortune rather than embrace the occasion with gusto. None of the above is true in Ukraine. There toasts are part and parcel of every communal meal and vodka is the obligatory tipple rather than fizz. What's more, sipping or hesitant quaffing is frowned upon.The drinking of the toast must be entered wholeheartedly which means the generous slug of vodka provided be downed in one. It should be made clear at this stage that we are not talking about unbridled medieval style, anything-goes feas

Carpathian Adventure Trip Success!

Our last trip for this year was a total success, we will soon be advertising our new group tour itineraries for 2017, keep your eyes peeled! In the mean time enjoy this lovely comment from Kerstin about village experience during our latest trip to Carpathians:- "I was there, and helped prepare that! We actually ground the corn for a polenta-style 'porridge' using an old, traditional millstone. A lot of hard work - you mill the dried sweetcorn, sieve it through the air to remove any chaff and then do it again - 3 times until the corn is a coarse flourA great experience - followed by a 6 hour treck up the Carpathians to the shepherds making cheese in the mountains where I bought a kilo of f

Socially responsible tourism

Adventure holidays and travels in Eastern Europe - Ukraine (Transcarpathian Region) for culture hungry tourists, professionals, students, for individuals and groups. Traditional music, walking holidays, art, food, architecture, history, agriculture, crafts and so much more.


We also have a beautiful selection of handmade products from the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine for sale.

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