The Hidden Wilderness of Europe

Living in densely populated Britain, it is easy to forget that wilderness can still be found in Europe, albeit at its far-flung corners. In Transcarpathia we were lucky enough to walk through one of the continent’s largest primeval beech forests. This means it has remained untouched by man since its birth at the end of the last Ice Age around 10,000 years ago. We hiked for more than a mile up its steep slopes, shaded from the heat of the midday sun by the canopy of massive beeches, some several hundred years old. Our guide stopped at times to tell us about the various trees and the formation of the forest. Just below the summit, we took a break at an extraordinary rock formation, a huge el

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Adventure holidays and travels in Eastern Europe - Ukraine (Transcarpathian Region) for culture hungry tourists, professionals, students, for individuals and groups. Traditional music, walking holidays, art, food, architecture, history, agriculture, crafts and so much more.


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