The village of Nyzhnie Selyshche is in Transcarpathia

The village of Nyzhnie Selyshche is in Transcarpathia, the western mountain region of Ukraine, a beautiful very rural area, which has been called “Europe’s last wild frontier". In late May a group of people from Hereford and the Welsh Marches, visiting there with Experience Ukraine, watched as Natalia Cummings presented the village’s Youth Theatre group with an amazing sum of £1665, raised by donation and by a Ukrainian Evening held in Fownhope Memorial Hall. The Youth Theatre group was formed ten years ago and has gone from strength to strength, with some of the original members now working as entertainers. Some of the funds raised will go towards costumes, materials for theatre workshop

A loving union with the land

Driving through rural Transcarpathia on roads so potholed they would make the surface of the moon look like a croquet lawn, we came across a woman selling fruit from a roadside stall. Specifically, she was selling strawberries. Tray upon tray of them. Giant-sized and so, so sweet. A King-sized feast for the princely sum of 20 hrivny or 60p per kg. This was fruit her family had grown themselves on their own land and were now selling to supplement their income. Everyone, it seems, grows their own food in rural Transcarpathia using land given to them after the fall of Communism. The whole family takes part, the men and women in the fields and allotments, the children tending to the animals, inc

Socially responsible tourism

Adventure holidays and travels in Eastern Europe - Ukraine (Transcarpathian Region) for culture hungry tourists, professionals, students, for individuals and groups. Traditional music, walking holidays, art, food, architecture, history, agriculture, crafts and so much more.


We also have a beautiful selection of handmade products from the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine for sale.

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